10 weekend destinations from Kolkata under Rs 5000

Kolkata known for its over crowdedroads  and narrow lanes is known to have the most intellectual population of the country. Even then there is a list of  destinations that that are serene and calm enough to take off all the cobwebs of your busy crowded city life.




Let’s start with the famous Sunderbans . It is about 100km away from Kolkata. Sunderbans is one of the best thing to ever happen to you as a traveller.  If you are avid wildlife photographer you are thoroughly going to enjoy this trip. They provide boat rides and safaris and you can enjoy the mangroves to the fullest.





If you like to make you weekend informative and interesting this one will be the right choice. Jhorasanko Thakur Bari is the ancestral home of the great poet Rabindranat Tagore. It is the closest destination you can hang out in your weekends. It is just 21minutes away from the Kolkata. This is the place where the first non-european Nobel laureate was born. It’s a treasure of history and a visit to this place will help you to just know that period better.





Victoria memorial is just about 30 minutes away from the city of Kolkata. This is a poem made in stone that is sure to mesmerize you with its architectural beauty. A peep into the colonial ages of Culcutta will give you treat of art and culture. This is one of the best budget friendly trips you can consider in your weekends.





Belur math is situated approximately 10 km away from Kolkata.  A slight touch of spirituality in your weekends may energise  you for your next busy week.  It is situated by the holy ganges river and will refresh your mind. It is the head quarters of Ramakrishnamath and mission founded by Swami Vivekananda.





If you are an aquatic animal by heat you sure can take out your time for this beach destination in our weekends. It is a 9 hour journey away from Kolkata covering about 184km. You can have a visit to the aisa’s largest aquarium , the best sun rise and sun set view if youare here at the right time. Give a try to the coastal cuisine here that are bound to tickle your taste buds.





It’s a 4 hour journey from Kolkata to bankura. It is the apt place for sightseeing. There is beautiful Sasinia hills awaiting you. The adventurists out there can go to Jhilimili  is a dense forest and you enjoy the entire beauty of the forest from a watchtower nearby.





It takes about 4-5 hours to reach Bishnupur.The road distance is shorter than the rail distance, it is about 150 km.By train – It takes about 3:30 to 4:15 hours from Kolkata. This small town is situated in Bankura district and is known for its terracotta temples like Bishnudevi temple. To know more information of different temples in India visit Temple Timings website.




You are in Kolkata and no Hoogly among the options for weekend destinations ? That can’t happen  right.  So here it is,  the best season or months to visit places in Hooghly are February, December. The majestic Imambra is must see in Hoogly and do not miss the Bandel church, its architecture will make you spell bound.

And of course the Hoogly river, get a nouka and go for  romantic ride in the hoogly river and get a view of that huge Howrah bridge that witnessed the days of the city from the time of  Culcatta to now  Kolkata.





Fort William is situated in banks of Hooglyriver . It is a two storied building which has a of stories to tell from time of British . It went through the battle of Plassey and was rebuilt again. The surprising fact is that its foundation is still intact.





Admitting it’s a long destination from Kolkata to catch but I don’t have to tell you this too that it’s a totally worth long trip. You will enjoy every minute of the journey, its about 14 hours by road and by train 18 hours by train. The right time to visit is of course the December to January time to enjoy the snow fall. A visit to the Neora valley national park will be totally worth your long journey.


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