Best trekking places in Bangalore



Makalidurga is the trekker’s heaven located about 60km away from the Bangalore city.  To get a break from city routine and get your muscles worked this is one of this one of the  best options for you weekend getaway. It is in a height of 4430 feet. The people wholoves to get the essence of the rainy season can certainly choose to go  at that period of time. Otherwise August to January is the best time. Enjoy the picturesque views from the hill.

Savandurga hill


This large  monolith is situated 60km towards east of the Bangalore city. It’s about 1226 m above the sea level. This is one of the tourist destinations loves by pilgrims as well as trekkers alike. There are various routes you can choose to climb in this hill.Some of the routes have long runouts, and most of them face South or are exposed to South-east, implying that when the sun comes up, the rock becomes quite hot.


 Shivaganga Hill



The Shivaganga is situated towards the Tumkurdistrict  50 km away from the Bangalore city outskirtsShivaganga hill lies at an altitude of 4599 and it is a good short trekking destination near Bangalore and a popular tourist place to visit near Bangalore.On your way up you can see the mesmerizing view of the fresh water spring Pathalaganga. From the Nandi statue rock the view from long stretching green lane below is astonishing.




How can youmiss Nandi hills one of the biggest tourist attraction of Bangalore mainly chosen for trekking.It’s 1478m high situated about 50km away from city outskirts. The best time to go is from September to February. The winter can be a little chilly and the morning are foggy in the hills. It’s a fortress of hills in the southern part.




If you like a trekking destinations with caves then this is the best one to choose. You can explore the beautiful caves here. If you are planning  a night long stay then a camp fire will be the best thing to arrange for.  Carry torches and extra batteries, personal medicines and enjoy the night trekking experience.


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