best trekking places near chennai

Talakona has always been one of the best trekking places near Chennai and other parts of the country. If you are one among those people who just can’t resist when they see water, the Talakona is awaiting you. It is a 4 hours journey covering about 180 km away from Chennai. Your cameras will eventually start crying, fed up of taking these exquisite scenic beauty. Just the Talakona waterfalls will make you fall in love with its beauty. Definitely Talakona is one of the best trekking places near Chennai.



best trekking places near chennai
                                               Dolphins nose

Dolphin’s nose is a well-known view point in one of the tourist destinations of India Kodaikanal. From Chennai to Kodaikanal it’s about 527Km in 8 hours journey. Dolphin’s nose is located further 8Km away from the Kodaikanal city. The experience of trekking toward a height of 6600Km is just amazing through out the period of about 2 to 3 hours along the terrain.



best trekking places near chennai

Nagalapuram hills is located  about 65 km away from the city of Chennai. It is located in the Arai village of Chittoordistrict in Andhra Pradesh. There are many small water streams that will allow you to enjoy the trek on your way. Nature lovers are just going to love this experience which will give you feel of rejuvenation from your stressed out city life. The best time to set your trekking is from October to January period of the year.



best trekking places near chennai
                                                                                          Tada falls

Tada falls is located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh close to the border of  Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. From Chennai city Tada falls is located about 95km away. Tada falls is otherwise also known as Ubbalamadugu falls so do not get confused. From Tada, the base camp is located 20km away. You have to face a rocky condition . You can find small water bodies where you can enjoy the waters for a while during your trek.



best trekking places near chennai

Yelagiri is 230Km away from the Chennai city and have to travel for almost 4 hours by road. It is known as the haven of trekkers and nature lovers. It’s a wonderful hill station at a height of 1050m . You can enjoy the exciting trekking trails along with the serene lakes which are ought to give you picturesque sceneds to capture. The Perumadu waterfalls is just the best thing  you can find after a long tiring trekking. There are many trekking trails you can choose for in this beautiful hill station.



best trekking places near chennai

Kolli hills is located 357Km away from the city of Chennai. It’s located in Nammakkal district of Tamil Nadu. Kolli hill station holds a variety of intriguing stories by the localities. The trekking trail begins from the Puliancholi village and ends in Akashganga water falls which will give one of the best views. You can find beautiful tiny brooks on your way which had to be crossed always through the rocks. You can also see rocky terrain to be covered during your trekking and have to extremely careful while climbing thses rocky hills.

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