Top 5 Places To Visit In Chennai

Chennai is also known as the cultural capital of India for its deep-rooted traditions and long heritage. It is a welcoming city that hosts people from different cultures. The city invites tourists from all over the world with its charm and facilities. Recently I’ve been to Chennai on a pilgrimage trip with my family and found these are the five places one shouldn’t miss at Chennai.

Marina Beach

marina beach chennai
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3 km away from the city situates Marina Beach which is second longest in the world. The golden soil spread across 13km and clear strip of blue sky is a magnificent sight. Sun rise and sun set from the beach is a breathtaking experience. This beach is also a place for sports like beach volleyball, surfing, fishing etc. Spend some good time in Marina beach and relax yourself.

Kapaleeshwar Temple

Kapaleeshwar temple is the oldest temple in the city dedicated to Siva. It is believed that this temple was built during 7th century by Pallava Kings. It is situated in Mylapore, a suburb of Chennai. Kapaleeshwar stand with its giant gopurams held high. The temple is a mirror held up to the Dravidian architecture and sculpture.

Theosophical Society


Theosophical society is a birdwatchers’ paradise which is home for a wide variety of migratory birds. The focus of theosophical society is on universal brotherhood and quality of humanity. The 450 year old banyan in its garden is one of the largest trees in the world. The library inside Theosophical society with a wide range of books is also a place of attraction.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is the first zoo in India with 510 hectare area and 170 varieties of species. It is located in Vandalur, south-western part of Chennai. Take a walk through the park to witness the diversity of wild life waving hands to tiger, hyena, elephant, panther etc.

Connemara Public library

This is one of the four National Depository Libraries which receives all periodicals, news papers and books published in India. The collection of a wide variety of books spread across all disciplines is a blessing to both students and professors. The library is also famous for its architecture which is a blend of Southern Hindu Deccani, Rajput, Mugal and Gothic. Connemara public library serves your need of references with its huge collection and provides a peaceful site of serious reading.

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